Pregnancy Pathways


Lesley Spry-Shandro, Wellness Coordinator/Team Leader
Phone: 780-249-7002
Fax: 780-249-7005

Pregnancy Pathways

Pregnancy Pathways, in partnership with various community supporters, is aimed at addressing the housing status and support services that were not readily available to pregnant woman in need. Every year in Edmonton, approximately 100 women are pregnant while experiencing homelessness. These vulnerable women often do not access health care and other supports consistently due to their mental health and addictions, precarious housing situation, lack of knowledge about services and/or fears that their babies may be apprehended by Child and Family Services. Women may come to hospital just before giving birth without adequate prenatal care, which often results in undernourished mothers and underweight and unhealthy babies who need neonatal intensive care. Early childhood experiences have a significant impact on physical and mental health later in life.

A Special Thank You

We are humbled by the level of generosity offered by a man in our community who expressed an interest in helping our marginalized pregnant population. Architect gene dub donated a $3-million, three-story apartment building in the McCauley neighborhood to be the home for the Pregnancy Pathways project in March 2018. On behalf of our staff, volunteers and board, we offer you our sincerest gratitude.